What borderline personality disorder feels like

Borderline personality disorder is a very difficult illness to live with. Its also a very difficult illness to explain to others.

If you have borderline personality disorder and want to explain it to others, or if you don’t have it but want to learn more about it, you might find this video helpful.

I know that I identify with this video a lot.

If you do have borderline personality, you may find it very helpful to share the video with others, to allow them to understand a little.

I also love that a mnemonic for BPD is PRAISE (given my previous praise you posts):

P – paranoid ideas
R – relationship instability
A – angry outbursts, affective instability, abandonment fears
I – impulsive behavior, identity disturbance
S – suicidal behavior
E – emptiness

I hope these both help explain BPD a little for you.

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7 Responses to What borderline personality disorder feels like

  1. Tim Byron says:

    I had never heard of the PRAISE mnemonic before.
    They all describe me almost perfectly.
    Why won’t any of the ‘professionals’ listen to me?

  2. I struggle with depression and not Borderline Personality disorder but I relate to a lot of the points in the PRAISE mnemonic. I especially relate to the fear of abandonment fears.

  3. Andrea Stone says:

    My psychiatrist has identified BPD in me. The video explains perfectly clear the actuality of living with this problem. It started when I was a young girl. Alcoholic father. I self harm a lot. Hide it. No-one know’s what’s going on in my mind. It’s so difficult to relate to people. I feel like I am walking the earth on my own… Sad really…

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